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Borderlands 2 – New details drop at PAX East

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PAX East hit gaming with a vengeance this past weekend, and one game that was in the highlight crosshairs, was the shoot ‘n loot Borderlands 2. New details were revealed for that fantastic sequel, including a new Vault Hunter, DLC, new game modes and an increase in POWAH. More after the jump.

For anyone who has purchased the Season pass, they’ll know that the content promised is already 75% complete. At PAX East, it was revealed that the new DLC will be out April 2, and goes by the name of “Bunkers and Basses” according to IGN, clearly a riff on Dungeons and Dragons.

Also, Tiny Tina is back, and she appears to be a Dungeon Master for this upcoming expansion. Which just might be the scariest thought ever. The DLC aslo ups the level cap, from 50 to 61, which should help for those thumb-blisteringly difficult playthroughs in True Vault Hunter Mode. Also, the ultra-rare and powerful Pearlescent weapons are making a comeback.

Also releasing on that day, is a new update which adds a third difficulty option. It’s called…Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, and it’s already got me ready to assume a foetal position and surrender. It’ll only be available once True Vault Hunter Mode has been beaten, so remember to stock up on extra Vaseline.

Finally, more info about the upcoming sixth playable character has surfaced. This time, players will get the chance to don the mask of one of the notorious game psychos, who goes by the name of Krieg.

Like all the other Vault Hunters, Krieg comes with a special ability, contained in his melee weapon. Slash a foe with the Buzz Axe, and you’ll refill his health. It all ties into skill trees, which Kotaku snapped a few pictures of .

Hellborn is a skill set which gives Krieg pyromaniac bonuses, while Bloodlust focuses on explosive kills. Mania rounds them off, giving players the option to craft a character who is all high risk and high reward that keeps Krieg alive and swinging.

Sounds interesting so far, and it’s the kind of content that makes me want to go back to Pandora.

Bonus! Shift codes!

While at PAX East, Gearbox gave out a ton of Shift Codes. Here they all are, collected straight from Reddit. Go on, redeem them, and bag yourself some heavy duty firepower. You’re going to need it.


Last Updated: March 25, 2013

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