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Borderlands 2 will ship its uncut violence worldwide

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As South Africans, we have a lot to be thankful for. Fantastic weather, great food and loose liquor laws (Unless you’re in Cape Town). Top of that list, are our video games, as our government trusts us to be responsible, allowing us access to all manner of gory, blood-soaked and mature titles. Usually, our fellow Australian and German gamers don’t have that level of digital freedom, but Borderlands 2 will ensure that everyone gets a taste of midget head-splodey action when it ships next month.

“We’re happy to announce that Borderlands 2 will be uncut all over the world,” the Gearbox blog announced.

Some fans will remember that the first Borderlands game was a bit toned down in certain territories compared to the rest of the world. No longer! Do you live in Germany? Australia? Bandits will be just as likely to explode into bloody chunks of awesomeness as they will be in Canada or England (which is to say: very likely.)

Rest assured though, if you aren’t keen on seeing a Crimson Lance trooper explode into assorted giblets, there will be an option to tone it down a notch with the Gore Toggle option. Switch it on, and all the blood magically disappears, with dead bodies remaining completely intact.

Did I say dead bodies? Nah, they’re just resting see, most likely all tuckered out after being shot with several rounds of Fjord-pining bullets. But if you’re not satisfied, we’ll take that bandit, cut his legs below the knees off, stick a mask and shotgun on him, and respawn him as an Angry Midget enemy.

Borderlands 2 arrives on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at the end of September.

Last Updated: August 1, 2012

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