Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has a whip wielding aimbot

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Borderlands THUMB

We’ve seen a little bit of Athena and last week we saw how Wilhelm changes over the course of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Today, we get to see how Nisha, Borderlands 2’s evil cowgirl, operates in a fight. She embraces cheating and also likes to bring a whip along for some extra fun. Yes, we’re still talking about Borderlands.
I really didn’t give Nisha enough attention when she was announced as one of the four playable characters in the Pre-Sequel. That’s pretty much changed after seeing what she can do with just a pistol and a whip, and just how badass all three of her skill trees are. Her action skill, Showdown, is basically every online hackers wet dream. Showdown will buff your accuracy and allow you to flick between targets with ease, guiding your bullets to all their squishy critical bits. It’s essentially a timed aimbot that clears out massive waves of enemies and makes you feel like the world’s best sharpshooter.

All three of Nisha’s skill trees compliment Showdown, but in very different ways. The Law and Order tree focus on stacking buffs. If enemies hit you, a star is placed over their head. Those stars can tally up to five and damming wanted enemies allows Nisha to do additional damage to them. axing out the Law and Order tree changes Nisha’s whip mêlée, allowing it to damage enemies in a area instead of a single target. It also gives your melee the sound of a thunderstorm, but to reiterate how powerful it is.

Fan the Hammer is all about getting up close and personal with enemies. Short Fuse will increase explosive damage the closer you are to an enemy, while Pickpocket will turn your melee attack into a bullet stealing parlor trick. The best part of the Fan the Hammer tree has to be the cap stone, which duplicates any pistol you have equipped and let’s you dual wield it forever. So think of Gunzerker’s action skill, except without the cooldown.

Lastly, the Riflewoman is all about players who like to stay away from the thick of things but also are too lazy to aim down the sights. You’ll receive buffs to shooting from the hip as well as elemental damage to weapons that don’t have any of their own. Trick Shot allows your bullets to bounce from enemy to enemy, and the tree’s final skill builds on this in an explosive way. In Showdown, and enemies that survive after the skill ends will now have an explore charge attached to them, which you can detonate directly afterwards. So instead of killing people, you’re aiming to damage as many as possible, only to send their limbs sky high shortly afterwards.

Like I said, Nisha is looking like the character I want to play most in the Pre-Sequel now. She’s all about doing tons of damage and letting the other worry about healing and supporting, which is exactly how I like to play. Whipping a psycho in the face also sounds pretty neat.

Last Updated: August 1, 2014

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