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Boy bludgeons mom with hammer over PlayStation

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If you’re not keen on hearing of video game related violence – particularly the especially grisly sort, I recommend you read no further. A quite obviously mental 16 year old boy has confessed to murdering his mother in a most gruesome manner.

Why? She took away his Playstation as means of punishment; a chastening that would prove to be fatal.

After a heated, 90 minute argument with his mother, Rashida Anderson, 16 year old Kendall Anderson snuck in to her bedroom and bludgeoned her with a a claw hammer in her sleep. When the 20 or so brutal strikes failed to kill her, he dragged her downstairs and tried to cremate her in the kitchen oven. When that too failed, he savagely beat her to death with a the leg of her chair. HE then tried to hide her broken body in an alley behind his house.

Philadelphia police homicide detective Thorsten Lucke, reading the boy’s confession said the boy showed some remorse, saying “If I could, I would not do it again. I really miss my mom . . . she was the only person who cared for me."

Well, I’m sure your cell mate bubba’s going to care for you plenty, kid. This is yet another senseless killing with only the most tenuous link to videogaming. While a games console may have been a catalyst, there is obviously something very wrong with this boy – and his violent tendencies would have been triggered by something else at some point. Like Rock ‘n Roll music, reefer madness, or those dang-blasted comic books all the kids are reading!

Playstation. It only does everything. Like make psychotic loonies kill their moms.

Source : Philly.com (via Kotaku)

Last Updated: February 16, 2011

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