Brad Pitt to play John Marston in Red Dead Redemption Movie

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According to a report on Showbizspy Brad Pitt is being given first option on the role of John Marston in an epic cowboy shoot-em-up movie based on the PlayStation title, Red Dead Redemption.

… yeah apparently the Xbox 360 version will have Billy Bob Thornton in the role of John Marston instead… idiots.

Anyway back to the point, Rockstar haven’t yet said anything about offering the movie rights to their hit title to anyone yet but it’s pretty obvious that they wouldn’t say no if a major studio came with a proposal that included Brad Pitt in it.

I know we get our hopes up all the time but I honestly think that Red Dead Redemption could turn the tide in game to movie tie ins as the story is solid, the canon is easy to adhere to and seriously it’s a Western.. how badly can they screw it up?

The only thing I hope they change is to improve the looks of your female co-stars who all appear to have been hit with the ugly stick in the game.

As for the ladies who are horrified about what I did to Brad above… here’s a picture just for you.


Source: Showbizspy

Last Updated: August 27, 2010

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