[Update] Breaking : Xbox Live Gets Official SA Release Date

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There’s no longer need to cry in to your cornflakes every morning, jaded Xbox gamers. Xbox Live is finally launching in South Africa after 4 very, very long years.

We knew, after E3 this year that the service would finally be available, but now we even have an official launch date! Hooray! According to the official Xbox360SA twitter account, you’ll be able to do local sign-ups from 10 November.

Says the ubiquitous Twitter :

BREAKING NEWS: Its official Xbox LIVE will be available in South Africa from the 11th November 2010!; before tweeting that they’ve Negotiated an extra day, will be bringing in Xbox LIVE to South Africa on 10 November!

There’s still no word on whether or not we’ll be able to migrate our unofficial US and UK accounts, but we’ve contacted Microsoft and will keep you updated.  Thumbs up!

[Update] We’ve just received a Press release with some wonderful info : Migration will be possible! This is what the PR had to say :

We want everyone to jump in. For those with existing Xbox LIVE account for another region, you’ll be able to migrate to the local service and keep your Profile, Gamer Score, Achievements, Microsoft Points Balance and paid for Subscription time remaining. You can also keep all the downloaded content stored on your hard-drive such as your Avatar items, LIVE Arcade games and songs. For full details on account migration, please visit www.xbox.com/En-za/live/faq.htm

Last Updated: October 12, 2010

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