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Broforce gets a big update on PS4…and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch!

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Broforce, the incredible little game from South African developer Free Lives, was a smash hit on PC and eventually made its way to the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the PS4 version lacked the features and updates found in the Steam version, and ran a bit poorly. With a choppy framerate, long load times and online lag, it just wasn’t the best way to play the game.

When I switched on my PS4 yesterday, I was greeted with a surprise update to the game – and it seems to be running a lot, lot better. According to developer Free Lives, its received one heck of an update. The update appears to be the entire game, though its download and install size has been reduced by about a gigabyte. That can only mean that the code has been overhauled and optimised. Hooray!

Broforce has also been updated to include the newer heroes not available in PS4 version, like Bro Lee, Dirty Brorry and Tank Bro. And, if you have yet to play the game, it’s available for less than half price in a new Sony Digital sale that runs from today until May 22.

Here’s the full changelog:

PlayStation 4 Features

  • Added Presence text for various game situations
  • Added Play Together support


  • Improved overall frame rate of the game
  • Reduced load times of game levels
  • Fixed network lag and choppiness during gameplay


  • Added Dirty Brory, Tank Bro, and Bro Lee from the 4th of July update
  • Updated Snake Broskin to version 2.0
  • Changed number of rescues required to unlock Brocketeer and Snake Broskin


  • Chat no longer blocks input for other local players
  • Pause Menu no longer blocks input for other local players in Multiplayer
  • Pause Menu items no longer appear in contexts where they can’t be used
  • Added Loading text indicators
  • Added some additional localised text items
  • Added UI prompt for players to Press Fire to Join Game
  • Reverted back to the original Broforce font
  • Players can now use the L2 button to navigate back in menus
  • Players can now press the cross button to select a mission at the world map
  • Players can now exit Bro Select in Versus Mode
  • Improved the Kick Player Menu and Messaging
  • Added information overlays to better communicate game states
  • Reduced audio volume to be in the standardized “PlayStation 4” range


  • Decreased the download / install size by approximately 1 GB
  • Added Chat support to the Lobby
  • Added list of Online Players to Pause Menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Boomer enemy was rendering incorrectly
  • Fixed oversized text in endgame display in Versus mode
  • Fixed bug in Versus where negative scores were not displayed correctly
  • Fixed bug in Brodown where round ends prematurely
  • Fixed bug certain cutscenes would not be triggered, such as Bruiser and GR-666
  • Fixed layout of subtitles in end-game cutscene to ensure they aren’t cut off
  • Fixed incorrect network synchronization of various level and game elements
  • Fixed end game sequence synchronization issues
  • Miscellaneous stability improvements

That’s a lot of change! Also hidden at the bottom of the changelog was a sly tease about the next platform to see Broforce. It looks like we’ll soon see the game on Nintendo’s Switch – which is just about the most perfect platform for the game.

“Did someone ask for Broforce on Switch?” says the hint at the bottom. Yep, I’d triple dip for that.

Last Updated: May 8, 2018

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