BroForce launches today on Steam Early Access

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I’m a huge fan of the American ideal, not the American reality. And that’s the right to free speech and copious amounts of weapons. BroForce is all that, plus a heaping dose of Vitamin Baysplosion. And it launches today on Steam Early Access.

BroForce, a 2D homage to games such as Contra and Metal Slug, but on an action-packed gradient that can only be described by mangling the English language like a past-his-prime action star from the 1980s, is equal parts cheese and explosions.

In it, you’ve got brotastic heroes such as Rambro, Brade and MacBrover. And many, many more equally ridiculous characters. Run, gun and Brosplode your way across various destructible levels, which also feature Bro-Op gameplay.

In short, it’s a charming, destructive and addictive little title. And well worth chipping in some coin to support local studio Free Lives.

Last Updated: April 7, 2014

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