Building Blocks to a Lego Empire

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With the huge success of the Lego franchise and more importantly Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones, it was inevitable that the gamers would want to see more mature Lego games. What would be the next game after Lego Batman? Gamesradar have put together a compilation of the ten games they would like to see in block form.

The titles range from videogames to movies and all of them are great ideas. They even offer a Lego angle in which they explain how to adapt the Lego pieces to the games.

But surely there are more than just ten, what about a Lego Unreal Tournament or Lego Mario? The possibilities are endless. It might be just what is needed at the moment, with all the negativity surround games at the moment. Saying you hijacked somebody because you were emulating Lego Grand theft Auto just won’t hold up.

The co-op aspect of the Lego games could also bring games such as Bioshock to the casual gamers and allow them to experience a somewhat light-hearted version.

Go check out the article, I’m sure the creative juices will start to flow and we’ll get some good ideas for new Lego games, who knows, maybe the developers will catch on and we’ll be seeing the announcement of Lego Grand Theft Auto in the next few months.

Last Updated: September 5, 2008

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