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Bulletstorm to ship with language censors

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People are often amazed that I am quite happy playing over the top violent games, have a mouth like a sailor but generally don’t like it when my games constantly swear at me.

I just find that when a game decides it can use swear words it simply goes overboard and ends up being an audial assault for all the wrong reasons.

So when I read this morning that Bulletstorm, the over the top violent FPS from Epic and People Can Fly, was going to have a setting to tone down the language I was pleased, very pleased.

It’s not like it’s an incredibly tough thing to include so I don’t know why all games don’t do the same. There is a target market out there which doesn’t like over the top language, like me.

Bad language won’t stop me getting a game but it will stop me recommending it to the family and swearing in the multiplayer portion is guaranteed to push me onto something else.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: December 23, 2010

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