Bungie wants you to play Destiny by their rules only

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Bungie keeps changing the rules of Destiny

I stopped playing Destiny a long time ago, but I’ve kept my eye on what Bungie has been doing with their ever growing MMO shooter over the past few months. It’s becoming apparent that really high level players are hitting the wall, forcing them to seek out ridiculous challenges and strikes just to stay entertained. That’s included some really entertaining solo Strike runs, which technically shouldn’t be possible within the game’s rules. And now Bungie is making it completely impossible.

Destiny’s 1.1.1 Patch will destroy any hopes of solo weekly Strikes again, as Bungie will implement a matchmaking system that will force players to party up before attempting the Strike. This is going to affect all levels on Weekly Heroic, although Nightfall is remaining untouched. Aside from the fact that this destroys solo runs, it also makes running through a Strike with a single friend impossible, too. Instead, you’ll now have to rope in a third stranger if you’re used to playing in a duo, which is just ridiculous.

What’s even more ridiculous is that matchmaking is still not present in the one place Destiny players actually want it. Bungie has still refused to introduce matchmaking for Raids, stating that they’re more reliant on groups of people who are familiar with each other to play. So if you don’t have a bunch of friends that actively play Destiny with you, you’re just out of luck.

It’s all part of a common trend from Bungie. The studio wants Destiny to be played in a really specific way, and dislikes when players bend the game’s intrinsic rules to discover other gameplay possibilities. It’s baffling why matchmaking in both weekly Strikes and Raids can’t just be made optional. Surely this then hands over more control to players, and allows them to continue coming back every week to play Destiny in the way that suits them best?

Because quite honestly, it’s this sort of stuff that drives people further away, while assuring those looking in from a distance that they’ve made the right call.

Last Updated: February 20, 2015

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