Burn Zombie Burn – Another magnificent PSN game

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Zombie games are obviously the fashion at the moment and everyone is trying to get in on it. The latest candidate is a small PSN title entitled Burn Zombie Burn.

The idea being that you need to run around and set zombies on fire before killing them… the stages are one dimensional and the zombie graphics are pretty poor from what I can see.

I have to say that if I hadn’t seen this video I wouldn’t have even posted about this tile… but

This game is looking absolutely awesome, like a Geometry wars with zombies, fire and guns. Seriously can a game be any better? Well yes it could have naked women and beer but lets forgive it that little mishap for now.

Zombies, fire and guns is a pretty awesome start and along with combo scoring could make this game what I expected The Club to really be… a highly addictive point scoring shooter.

Keep an eye out for this on the PSN this year, is it just me or does the PSN seem to be getting all the cool titles at the moment?

Last Updated: January 28, 2009

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