By popular demand – My two TV appearances in a week

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Two weeks ago the Afrikaans current affairs program, Fokus, that I was part of was aired. I’ve finally got the clip thanks to some great YouTube searching by dogaming’s Rob Clegg and now I’ve cut out all the crap we don’t want to see and added in some sub titles for my best friend in the whole world.

So if you are interested in what I had to say about eSports in South Africa as well as what Colin and some other local gamers had to say just click play below.

Unfortunately only a small portion of what I had to say was actually shown. In the end I’m not overly happy with how the show was put together but at least eSports has hit mainstream TV in one form for now. It can only get bigger from here on out.

My second appearance was on the technology show, Network, on DSTV channel 404. I was asked to come on to chat about gaming addiction but as soon as I heard the psychologist was from a rehabilitation clinic I knew how this was going to go.

It was fun being on live TV but you can see I’m not really cut out for the bright lights of TV.

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Last Updated: August 15, 2014

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