Call of Duty XP 2016 Gallery

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There has been a little bit of salt in the local industry regarding who got to go to Call of Duty XP and who didn’t and I thought it was time to put this to rest.

It’s obvious that I got sent so that I can bring you cutting edge video game journalism and in-depth coverage of the events. So to show that this was the correct decision behold… an image gallery of what I have found so far at CODXP 2016.

The eSports part of the weekend is starting to get towards the pointy end of the stick with both the Australian and New Zealand teams being booted out of the competition today.

Optic has recovered from a surprise first loss and are expected to win their game later today to confirm their spot in the next round. But I’ll bring you a proper report on the eSports part tomorrow as we settle in to see who’s going to win the $800 000 first prize.

As you can see from the images Activision has gone all out on setting this up and if we were judging success or expectations by the length of the lines then Modern Warfare Remastered wins out over Zombies in Spaceland with Infinite Warfare sneaking just ahead of Black Ops 3 DLC 4 into third.

However to be fair the Infinite Warfare tent is way way bigger than the others so it’s not a very fair comparison at all.

Last Updated: September 3, 2016

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