Call of Duty 4 – Single Player Impressions

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I was over at Megarom this morning for an Activision press conference and PR meeting which was quite cool. They showed us a bunch of games that I will post about in the next few days but for now I just have to give you my impression of Call of Duty 4.

Call of Duty 4 is most probably the best first person shooter to be released this year. Yeah the story in Bioshock *may* be better, or the multiplayer in Halo 3 *may* be better, but if someone said to me that they could only afford 1 FPS game I would recommend Call of Duty 4.

The single player campaign was beautifully rendered, the action was intense, the story pulled you in from the get go and it was just amazing.

For all of you playing the online Beta at the moment, the single player is 1000 times better looking and is truly engaging, for the guys who haven’t played the beta… the online multiplayer is awesome. Truly addictive.

It is well balanced and tactically intriguing… I just love this game 🙂

You absolutely cannot miss this game.

//Oh I got a free COD4 gift as well which I will put up as a prize with whatever I steal from the Halo 3 launch… someone needs to let me know what type of comp I must run though?

Last Updated: September 21, 2007

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