Call of Duty 5 Beta First Impressions

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I was lucky enough to get my grubby paws on a COD5 Beta key yesterday, thanks a million to Brett and as such I get to bring you a quick preview of the Beta…

Obviously I haven’t had that much time in the game yet but I will endeavour to play as much as I can over the next two weeks and then report back again…

So I loaded the game up and looked for a game to join, now anyone who has played COD4 will be able to tell you that joining games is often a major pain in the @ss… COD5 seems to have resolved that as I managed to get into a game within seconds…

The game loaded up and as soon as it started I have to say that I felt like I was back in COD4… just browner. 

It felt identical, which is great, then I started to run around and kill things and I have to say it suddenly didn’tfeel as good. The aiming seems wrong, it just doesn’t feel right and I have to admit that I got frustrated quite quickly.

I was seriously considering turning the game off and then I ran up to hide behind a tank and the Blue X popped up on screen… bashing the button warped me into the Tank and everything about the game just sudddenly became awesome. Trundling along in my tank dealing out death and destruction is what war games are all about… So I decided to give the game some more time..

A little while later I heard howling… just as I remembered that COD5 had attacked dogs I saw a black furry ball of death leap at me.. attack dogs are awesome.

And apart from that I have to say that I didn’t find much more to tell you about, I enjoyed myself and it was fun but I felt it was missing that something special that made COD4 great.

It really does feel like COD4 all over again, just without that special piece of awesomeness.

On the plus side the capture the flag mode has been improved and works really well, some games finished in seconds by capturing all the flags while others ended up in sudden death around a singular flag being bombarded by 14 people… which was a whole heap of fun.

But to be fair if I had to choose between COD4 or COD5 right now my money is still on COD4, hopefully the game grabs me a bit more when I give it a bit more time.

Last Updated: October 15, 2008

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