Has Call of Duty co-creator exited Respawn?

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Since half of Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward split from Activision, we’ve been waiting to see what they’d do with their new freedom – but it’s been taking an awfully long time. We may know why.  According to Kotaku, one half of the former Infinity Ward duo of Jason West and Frank Zampella has left the building.

In what could be one of the best-kept secrets in the notoriously leaky video game business, they say that Cal of Duty co-creator Jason West actually left the new company all the way back in May last year. they say it was an amicable split, and West – who’s actually not been involved with the creation of Respawn’s first game at all – left for “family reasons.”

Funnily enough, May 2012 is pretty much right after the pair were awarded an undisclosed settlement following their drawn-out legal battle with Activision.

while I can only hope it’s nothing serious, I can only assume that “family reasons” means sitting, drinking pretty drinks with umbrellas in them aboard on a yacht in the French Riviera.

In relatively unrelated news, the next Call of Duty might not be made by Infinity Ward – with rumours (and facts!) saying the franchise may have ben handed over to Tony Hawk developer Neversoft.

Last Updated: March 4, 2013

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