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Call of Duty Designer admits, “I f&cked up”

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Chances are, that you’ve long since finished the main campaign of COD, leaving only that delicious multiplayer to conquer. Its the meat and potatoes of the franchise, and every iteration of the game has seen some enhancement and improvement to its core structure, in order to deliver a better experience.

Of course, for all those fans who love the new take on multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3, a lot of them still prefer the online stylings of Black Ops. But a whole lot more people might still be playing last years cloak and dagger, if it wasn’t for one particular in game perk, that almost ruined the experience, with one designer admitting that he “f$cked up”, when creating it.

The gameplay feature in question, is the tier 3 multiplayer “second chance” perk. Playing with that perk enabled, would allow for a player to survive a lethal shot, falling to the ground and having ten to thirty seconds to seek payback or be revived. While falling, players would be invulnerable to damage, allowing them to exploit the perk and gain some quick payback.

Second chance has been at the heart of several vigorous debates about its use and whether it qualifies as an exploit, with Treyarch’s Game Design Director, David Vonderhaar, issuing the following tweets about it;


At least their hearts were in the right place. Perks are still around for Modern Warfare 3 however, in a less exploitive manner, complementing the far more fun and efficient strike packages.

Last Updated: November 15, 2011

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