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Can you code? Do you want R100 000?

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Madiba to the rescue

So two simple questions to welcome Wednesday into the world, firstly can you code in either Java or .Net and if so would you like R100 000 for coding a simplistic game? If so then I’ve got some great news for you.

Entelect in association with some print media (okay fine NAG Magazine) have come together in unholy matrimony to reward the software developer who can code the best AI for a Tron game with a massive R100 000 grand prize.

The idea is simple, you need to create a system that can read in a state file which will describe the current layout of the Tron board (30×30) specifying where the walls, bikes and opponents are. Once your system understands how the board sits it will need to move you either forward or sideways, preferably not into a wall, and then output a new file showing the current state of the board.

Make sense?

Okay so when you have that you head on over to the entry page and fill in your details and upload your file and then if your system manages to beat out most other systems you could be called up to enter the quarter finals at rAge this year with the winner getting the prize money and more than likely a job offer from the company. That is unless this isn’t a play by a software development company to hijack the best developers in the local industry with the lure of a prize.

Let us know if you’re going to give it a shot and how far you get though, I’m thinking of entering myself but it’s just whether I can find the time or not.

Also, do you think it’s better to go all out attack to try and corner your opponent or rather play defensively and hope they run into a wall before you do?

*They have a pile of standard terms and conditions, I didn’t read them all.. that’s your job

Last Updated: July 18, 2012

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