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Can you out-Batman Batman in the Arkham Knight challenge?

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Batman: Arkham Knight is out, and the dark knight simulator nails the feeling of being Batman and kicking ass. And busting the hopes and dreams of PC gamers. But beyond that, it’s a perfect example of how a single-player game can still exist in this day and age.

That’s because Batman: Arkham Knight is bloody massive. Filled with content and side missions, as well as Augmented Reality challenges within which players can hone their skills.

And that got me thinking. As the official Batman of South Africa (A member of Batman Inc.), I’ve decided to set up a series of challenges for the next couple of weeks. Here’s the first one. We’re keeping things simple with the Combo Master AR challenge.

To score a three-star rating inside of this mode, you’ll need to hit a 50-point combo, and beyond. Here’s my initial serious run, where I landed an 82-hit combo:

Right, I’ve set the score. Now see if you can beat it. Keep the combos quick, and simple, do your best and post the results in the comments below. I’ll update the post with WINNAHS, who’ll earn themselves exclusive bragging rights that they could top my high score.

Batman score

Also, no cheating please. Batman doesn’t need to cheat when he attacks criminals with a highly mobile tank that is outfitted with the latest technology that can pulverise anyone who uses a knife in a tank fight. Neither do you. Now go have some fun!


Our favourite petrol-head, Nick De Bruyne, has DEMOLISHED my score, with a final total of 106. See the magic in action:

Last Updated: June 30, 2015

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