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Capcom confirms that Resident Evil Village’s Tall Lady is nearly 3 meters tall

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A few weeks back, the world was shaken by the first proper look at Lady Dimitrescu in one of the gameplay reveal trailers for Resident Evil: Village. The impossibly tall vampire lady became somewhat of a meme, as folks across the internet were asking two questions: “Who is she?” and “Would she step on me?”.

It was a weird week for Twitter, I’ll tell you that for free. Clearly inundated with copious amounts of requests for more information, Capcom has revealed that Lady Dimitrescu’s height isn’t a trick of the camera angle, she’s genuinely very tall. How tall? 2.9 metres tall.

That makes the villainous vampire (at least, we think she’s a vampire) just under double the height of an average woman, who’ll stand between 1.6 and 1.7 metres tall. Of course, that 2.9 metres is with her hat and heels included, as confirmed by Tomonori Takano, Art Director on Resident Evil: Village.

I do love the fact that some PR person was wandering around the Capcom development office asking every dev they could find about how tall Lady Dimitrescu is and every one of them shaking their head in fear, pointing dramatically at Takano’s door. “Only he can answer your questions, but we’re not ready for that kind of fan art,” they probably said.


Resident Evil: Village is out on May 7 alongside RE: Verse, a multiplayer shooter that allows players to run down their favourite Resident Evil characters while playing as their other favourite Resident Evil character. Check out the gameplay trailer shown off a few weeks back to get a better idea of how it plays and of what you can expect from Lady Dimitrescu and her vicious daughters.

Last Updated: February 2, 2021

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