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Capcom drops limited time Monster Hunter: Rise demo out of nowhere

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With Monster Hunter: World doing as its name implies and really taking over the planet, it makes sense that Capcom wants to provide a similar experience to players on a weaker and more portable system that is madly popular. Thus, Monster Hunter: Rise was announced as Nintendo Switch’s very own entry in the franchise and while the trailers look cool, there’s always been a question of just how well the game will actually work on the Switch. Fortunately for fans, Capcom has everyone covered as it both announced a demo and dropped a new trailer for Rise yesterday following a livestream dedicated to the game.

The limited time demo of the game, which runs from 7 to 31 January, provides players with four quests to try out. The Basic Training Quest does what you’d expect and teaches the basics as well as introduces the new Wire Bug mechanic, while the Wyvern Riding Training Quests breaks down one of the game’s new mechanics. Players can mount and use those terrifying creatures in their pursuit of larger prey and yes, that does sound like something players might need to be taught how to do. Once the training is done, players can hunt some proper monsters, including a beginners hunt for a Great Izuchi and an intermediate hunt for a Mizutsune. All 14 weapons will be available to test and can be completed either solo or in online co-op, a nice feature for the demo. You can find the demo by searching for the game on the Switch eShop.


The Monster Hunter Rise livestream also revealed some more information on a new location in the game, The Frost Islands, which houses some fan favourite creatures such as Barioth, Tigrex, and Logombi. The stream also gave players a look at the game’s flagship monster Magnamalo as well as a quick look at the hub and characters. The biggest news was obviously the demo which sounds fairly generous in its offerings. Maybe it’s worth checking out this weekend as you lock yourself away for safety?

Last Updated: January 8, 2021

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