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Capcom invents the one play through game

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Used game retailers will hate it, the Capcom board thinks it’s genius and we as gamers can only shake our heads in disgust and walk away.

Capcom has successfully invented a way to ensure that Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D is never going to be prolific on the used game market since it’s basically a single play through title.

Yes you read that correctly, the title is a 3DS game where the saved game is stored on the 3DS card and not on the game. The catch here is that it’s got a single save slot which is automatically utilised as you play through the title and it’s impossible to then reset the save game point.

Which from Capcom’s perspective means that once you have completed the game you can’t then trade it in as it will be useless for anyone else to buy which saves them from the used game market.

And from the single gamers perspective they wouldn’t know since it isn’t likely to affect them. However if you have the misfortune to have a friend / colleague / partner / kids who share your gaming passion then this is a title to avoid at all costs as it can’t be shared.

In my house we have 4 gamers now (depending on the game) and when I was playing the last Professor Layton we were all going through the levels at our own pace (the kids shared) and I would be furious if I came home to find out that my game had been advanced 15 stages and I couldn’t go back and try those puzzles out for myself.

This is a terrible move by Capcom and one that I hope will backfire spectacularly.

Source: dvice.com

Last Updated: June 28, 2011

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