Capcom on Dead Rising 2 DLC: “We Haven’t Completely Alienated PS3 Gamers”

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It appears Capcom are trying to diffuse as much anger from PS3 owners as they possibly can after the announcement of the second 360 exclusive DLC pack for Dead Rising 2.

Speaking with Eurogamer, co-producer Shinsaku Ohara tried to defend the decision. “I think [Keiji] Inafune said that we’re sorry that it seems like you’re getting a little bit less of the Dead Rising 2 universe, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the full game.”

I’m not so sure how accurate that is, given the second DLC is an epilogue.

Rob Barrett, of Blue Castle Games, developer of Dead Rising 2, had this to add: “The game was completely designed to be a self-contained and enjoyable experience, beginning to end, regardless of the prologue and the epilogue.”

This sounds a little similar to the Prince of Persia 2008 mess where PC gamers didn’t get the epilogue, which finished up the story. Even though its a self-contained story, an epilogue will expand upon in some way.

In an earlier interview with Eurogamer, Ohara had the following to say on why the DLC exists: “Dead Rising was our very first Xbox 360 title and Microsoft supported the title all the way. At the beginning we didn’t know that this new IP would be a success, but the fans on the console really assisted in making it into one. So it’s like a present, something that we gave back to the original Dead Rising fans.”

Well, it seems its a gift that just keeps on giving since it has already sold 500,000 units.

What do you think, is this DLC totally auxiliary from the story, and a gift to the original’s fans, or will it deprive PS3 owners of narrative closure?

Source: Eurogamer (via 1UP)

Last Updated: September 23, 2010

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