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Carbine Studios have laid off 40% of their workforce

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Carbine Studios

Six months ago, Carbine Studios, the developers of (the rather excellent) WildStar, shifted the business model of their MMORPG from subscription-based to free-to-play. I thought it was a particularly smart move on their part, because love it or hate it, F2P has done wonders for other titles in the genre, and WildStar really needed a jumpstart of sorts.

Unfortunately, it seems that dropping the subscription fee didn’t yield the desired results. Carbine Studios have now announced that they have canned their plans to take Wildstar East, and as a result, have had to downscale their workforce:

Earlier this morning, Carbine Studios completed a reorganization of its operating structure. Moving forward, the studio will focus on operating and updating WildStar as a live game in the US and Europe. As part of this change, the studio has cancelled its plans to bring WildStar to China.

Unfortunately, as a result of these changes, we’ve had to reduce staff. These cuts are directly tied to WildStar’s evolution from a product in development to a live title, to the cancellation of work to bring WildStar to China, and to the overall performance of WildStar since launch in 2014.

These kinds of decisions are exceptionally difficult. The talented and passionate professionals who are impacted by these cuts have been valuable team members and respected colleagues. We wish everyone well for the future and will be providing severance and employment search assistance.

According to Polygon, more than 70 people have lost their jobs at Carbine. That translates into around 40% of the entire workforce being gone. Despite this, Carbine Studios say that they will be continuing support for WildStar into the future:

As for WildStar, we remain committed to the game. Over the next few weeks and months we will deliver a significant update to the game, kick off a variety of community events, and continue our work on new content that we will talk more about in the near future.

I hope things work out. I really have a soft spot for WildStar, and I’d hate to see it shutting down. Do you still play it? Are you a big fan?

Last Updated: March 14, 2016

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