Castle Crashers “King Pack” DLC available

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Good news for fans of Behemoth’s excellent medieval slash’em-up – the king is finally a playable character, thanks to some new DLC. Available for just 160 MSP, the “King Pack” boasts a few nice additions that’ll hopefully re-invigorate interest in the game. Castle Crashers was unfortunately beset with game-breaking bugs upon release – including its fundamental online co-op feature being defective – that have marred its deserved success.

Castle Crashers is one of the few games where, upon completion, I pressed start and played all over again. With the online now fixed and some fresh content available you have no excuse not to revisit this gem.

Full list of additions after the jump.

New Characters!

  • Open Faced Gray Knight
  • King

New Weapons!

  • NG Lollipop
  • NG Gold Sword
  • King’s Mace (equipped with the King)

New Animal Orbs!

  • Pelter (Seal)

New Magic

  • King’s Healing
  • Gold Knife
  • Healing Magic
  • Kingley Jump

Source : Bohemoth development blog

Last Updated: January 15, 2009

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