Castlevania : Lords of Shadow Trailer Makes me Want to Whip It

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As one of the unfortunates who played the abysmal Castlevania 64, the series first foray into the third dimension. It was horrible, with clunky a camera and a control system that needed more inputs than the N64 provided. After that mess I’d sworn off 3D Castlevanias forever, opting to rather play the Metroid inspired entries on my DS.

After watching the Gamescom trailer for the new Kojima productions-assisted 3D Castlevania though, I’m convinced. It’s atmospheric, heavily story driven and features the voice work of Patrick Stewart, Robert Carlyle, Natascha McKelhone and Jason Isaacs. A definite departure from the Metroidvania style of play we’ve all become accustomed to – but that’s probably not a bad thing. Besides, if you’re looking to play that sort of game, there’s always the excellent Shadow Complex, right?

Trailer after the jump.

Last Updated: August 20, 2009

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