Check out all the changes that will be arriving with Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

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Divinity: Original Sin was one hell of a RPG last year, or so I’ve been told by quite literally 100% of the people I know who have played it. Larian Studios clearly did something right, but they weren’t content to leave their game at that. No, even though their title was a success and well received, they felt it could be something better. With that in mind (and besides the fact that they are working on a sequel too), they’ve been working on enhancing the original.

It’s out soon in fact, on the 27th of October. If you already own a copy of Divinity: Original Sin, you can get the Enhanced Edition for absolutely free. If you’re not a PC owner, well, you can look at grabbing the game too, because it will be finally arriving on current gen consoles too.

Whatever you’re playing it on, here’s a brief walkthrough of the changes coming to the game, detailed by none other than CEO of the company, and generally all around cool guy, Swen Vincke (via PC Gamer):

It’s been a little while since our last update, but boy have we been busy! Not only do we have our hands full plotting and scheming for Divinity: Original Sin 2, we’ve also been putting the final final touches on Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition, which we’re absolutely thrilled to put into your hands in the coming week.

If you can’t watch the above video for whatever reason, here’s quick summary of all the changes that have been added to the game:

  • Improved and expanded story.
  • Featuring full voice-over.
  • Adding controller support and dynamic split screen (also to PC)
  • Free for for existing PC owners.
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I’ve yet to play the game myself, which I know, is probably a sin (an original one… HOHO). Now seems like the best time to pick it up.

What about you? Will you be returning to play the Enhanced Edition? Or are you excited to play through Divinity: Original Sin for the very first time?

Last Updated: October 22, 2015

Matthew Figueira

Defence of the Ancients? More like Defence of the cabbages! Have you seen my head? I look like a Merino Sheep on pole. NO SHANGE only SHAPPIES! :D

  • This is worth if for “the man with many cheeses” alone 😀

  • Grand Admiral Chief


    • Brady miaau

      Totally. On Xbox One? For sure, for me. Struggled to play on Steam, on PC, but like many games, Xbox it is for me.

  • Brady miaau

    Dragon commander poster in background. That game was almost fun, almost great. Almost.

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Hmmm. I was just over half way when I got distracted. Do I start from scratch or just skip the enhanced edition? Leaning towards the former.

    • Brady miaau

      I will restart, on Xbox One. Some aspects of the original game annoyed me, on PC and it seems like console is for me, in general, as well as in practise.

      But at R699 on Xbox live for a game I already own………

      What would my wife say?

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        Well seeing as the enhanced versions on the different platforms are functionally the same thing, I’d plug my hypothetical Xbone controller into my PC. It’d need a number of major annoyances for me to shell out another R700 for something I wouldn’t have to otherwise.

        • Brady miaau

          totally, indeed. But the it did annoy me on PC

  • schitsophrenic-toothbrush

    Anyone keen to play this on ps4 with me?

    Will definately get the game

  • Nikola

    hmmm I do feel like an old school RPG just too many games out at the moment I hate having a huge backlog need to finish some stuff first, but it’s definitely something I would like to own!

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      I can’t overstate how awesome and frustrating the tactical combat can be. Combining spells to create additional elemental effects or using the battlefield to your advantage, which you HAVE to do, is awesome – the right spell at the right time is everything. The frustration comes from… it can happen to you too.

      • Nikola

        I see what you say but that is such rewarding game play you know if you pull it off it can be great being mindful of your surroundings and making sure where you have to stand and so on! It seem to me like a very deep combat tactical system a game you play slowly and careful and then as you say rage as it will frustrate the shit out of you, so totally getting it hahah:)

        • Alien Emperor Trevor

          One battle I took out 9 equal level orcs without taking a scratch. Best battle ever.

          • Nikola

            That’s brilliant:) I wish they put more though like that in all RPG now days:( but they all about action now less thinking!

  • Graeme Selvan

    I bought the original but got totally lost as in I did not know where to find someone to start a quest….. I must be a n00b

    • Brady miaau

      No, it was annoying and did not hold your hand, nor did it properly explain all the spells and settings and crap, just too many options and not enough manual.

      I have high hopes for the Enhanced Edition, as they have made some truly fun games. Dragon Knight Saga, on Xbox 360 was fantastic, truly. Ok, not so much, in some places was weak and stuff, but hey, overall, it was fun.

      Imagine running and jumping over a cliff, doing a somersault and changing to dragon form mid flight and then flaming stuff in dragon form? Wow, that was well done.

      • Graeme Selvan

        I was hoping they would add in waypoints or the guy you are looking for is in this “area”. The brief 5 hours I played were very enjoyable but then I got completely lost and stopped playing it.


        • Brady miaau

          Yes, that was a serious problem. The days of mapping by hand are long gone, for me at least.

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