Child of Eden Producer Reckons Microsoft Screwed Up

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If you managed to catch Ubisoft’s Presentation at E3, you’d have noticed that they kicked it off with the rather beautiful Child of Eden, played without a controller by the games designer, Tetsuya Mizuguchi. It was a wonderful showcase for Kinect and would have had much more impact with gamers were it shown at Microsoft’s own keynote.

Instead, Microsoft chose to show only casual, Wii like games. Child of Eden producer James Mielke reckons MS made a mistake.

Speaking to True.Slant’sStephen Webster, Mielke had this to say: "Yeah, Microsoft f*cked up big time. They had a chance to feature it for Kinect but decided to focus on family-friendly games like what’s on Wii. They weren’t expecting everyone to react so negatively."

"After we showed off our game at Ubisoft," he explained "the Microsoft people came to our booth like, ‘Oh, oh wow.’" Mielke also pointed out that neither Move or Kinect are necessary, as it’ll support standard controllers.

Check out Mizuguchi demoing the game at Ubisoft’s keynote, in case you missed it.

Last Updated: June 18, 2010

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