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Chinese team Tyloo knocks World Champions Luminosity out of the Dreamhack Masters

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Chinese underdogs, Tyloo, have just knocked the current World Champions out of Dreamhack Masters Malmo. Luminosity, after being the underdogs and rising to glory two weeks ago at MLG Columbus, after trailing behind Fnatic, met their makers as they faced Chinese CS:GO team Tyloo. It’s well known that China is perhaps not an FPS nation, but they are an eSports nation.

It was only a matter of time before China’s 1.4 billion person population produced a team worthy of international competition. For a long time they have dominated the RTS world producing Dota 2 Champions, but now they’ve made their mark on international CS:GO, and the questions is – Can they go all the way?

Tyloo were knocked into the lower bracket of their group on Tuesday, and many felt the Chinese team was just another international showcase as CS:GO continues to expand. In their elimination match they went up against Team Liquid, arguably the number one North American team. Tyloo brought their unique play style to Cobblestone, and with added elements from the European meta, they took Team Liquid to double overtime and knocked the MLG Columbus semi-finalists out of Dreamhack Masters.

The analysts discussed how Team Liquid played horribly in their match against Tyloo, and many felt this was perhaps the case, but what happened today we can collectively agree was probably one of the biggest upsets in CS:GO history.

Tyloo went into their match against the current World Champions with a 9% odds on CSGO Lounge. This, honestly, felt right as Luminosity are one of the strongest teams in CS:GO, or so we thought. Tyloo brought their A game to Cache as they took the first map 16-14. It was a close match, but the Chinese held their own against Luminosity and secured a much needed win.

Next up came Overpass and a clearly distraught Luminosity made quick work of the map ending in 16-7.

Map three was on Inferno and the Chinese quickly took the lead. Their Terrorist side came off strong as the continued to out aim and out with their opponents. It became clear that the pressure was now on as Luminosity had not only their pride, but their position in the Masters to retain. The half ended 9-6 to Tyloo. Luminosity gained the lead at 9-11 after winning the pistol round, but after a short tactical pause Tyloo locked it down and allowed the World Champions just one more round as they sealed it up 16-12.

The Chinese way

What Tyloo bring to the table, in terms of CS:GO, is a very unique play style accompanied with fantastic aim and well researched homework. As they execute on Terrorist, or defend on Counter-Terrorist. Their aim is honestly incredible, I cannot stress this enough. From their point of view it becomes mind boggling as they play with rather high sensitivity, yet retain incredible aim.

Their CT side is disciplined as they offer absolutely no information and hold their angles well. They forced Luminosity into every site, holding every corner which became nearly impossible to breach at times. They did the same thing against Team Liquid as they forced them to make crucial mistakes round after round.

On Terrorist the Chinese executed near perfect strategies as they entered the bombsites and once again relied on their aim and timing to defeat their opponents.

FalleN stars

Luminosity’s loss came hot off an interview conducted with captain FalleN after he stated that their performance will hopefully inspire up and coming nations. Well, FalleN, you did exactly that and now Tyloo might have what it takes to cause even more upsets as they continue throughout the playoffs.

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Last Updated: April 14, 2016

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