Cliff Bleszinski says Gears 2 MP was his biggest regret

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Cliff Bleszinski is a game developer who polarises the public like no other. I know local journalists who actually despise the guy and yet others, like myself, think he is an absolute godsend to an industry full of introverted developers and (lack of) personalities.

While he is currently on a sabbatical from game development he does keep himself relevant to the industry by happily giving his opinion on anything that happens and now he has put up a FAQ section on his personal tumblr which has some interesting insights.

First up is an answer that will get his haters seething

Q. What do you drive?

A. I drive a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador. My wife drives the 2010 Gallardo LP560. We also have a pair of day to day drivers. PROTIP: If you buy a supercar and can’t afford a “daily” driver then you can’t afford a supercar. Growing up the Lambos were my dream cars. We all had the Countach posters and aspired to have them.

So yes he drives around a Lamborghini and his wife also has one… being massively successful has its perks.

However getting back to gaming


1. I had nothing to do with how buff the characters were. Epic at that time was very art direction driven as opposed to design driven, and Epic’s art director at the time, while talented, was very strong headed. (We never asked for the Corpser to have the “fingers,” he just put that in, and we had to design around it…not my preferred way to work.)

  3. I did have a hand in the writing of the franchise, but I didn’t write the day to day dialogue. In hindsight having the characters yelling things like “Shit yeah” while in the midst of a life and death situation might not have been the best idea. Still, it’s things like this that were a signature of the game.

I’m not sure Cliff is really helping himself here because while I’m very much against games that throw in swearing just for fun I don’t think Gears would have had the success it did if the marines weren’t so rough. It is interesting to hear how the game was driven by art and not design though…

But the most surprising quote comes from when he is asked what his biggest regret of his career

My biggest regret was the launch of Gears 2’s online play. It was a huge mistake for everyone involved, unfortunately.

Frustratingly he doesn’t clarify exactly why that was. It must be linked to the bugs and bad match-making that the title launched with though. On the positive side he said his greatest accomplishment was launching Gears of War 1, a billion dollar franchise, but really that’s not as exciting as his mistakes is it?

Humans are a weird race

Last Updated: February 11, 2013

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