CODnapped–What an awesome DLC trailer

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What do you do if you are earning billions from releasing an annualised shooter with extra DLC every year? Well you spend a great whack of it on making some of the coolest trailers ever seen that’s what.

The new trailer for the Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC, Onslaught, has been released and while the subtitle of CODnapped looks awful in writing the actual trailer itself is a top quality production.

I just love the way the victims have that little grin on their faces as they realise they are about to be taken away from the misery of real life. All in all I’d love to be any of the guys taken away, well except the one that gets hauled off by the bike. That fall looked like it really hurt.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught will be released on the 28th of January for Xbox Live, other platforms to be advised, and consists of 4 brand new maps, 2 new weapons and an addition to the much loved extinction mode.I’m presuming Xbox Live means both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One but this isn’t specifically stated.

What’s even cooler is that if you complete a specific field order on one of the new maps, Fog, you will be given the opportunity to play as the first licensed character from outside the COD universe. Michael Myers, that psychopath from the Halloween movies who runs around wielding an axe. But we’ve told you this all before

But it’s not just a skin change, once you don the mask the entire soundtrack changes for everyone to let them know you are about to rip them to pieces as you charge around with super health hacking everyone to death…

Say hello to my little friend

I love the new idea that we are now going to be seeing game changing extras thrown into some of the new maps and while the eSports brigade will likely complain about the fairness of it all, I think the vast majority of gamers will enjoy the change up.

What I do find a little strange is that we know a new Halloween movie is on the way but apparently it won’t even land in 2014 so this marketing trick may be a little premature?

Anyway back to the maps.. the 4 new maps are

Fog – Unknown location


This small to medium-sized map drops you into a dark and eerie campsite set alongside a fog-shrouded lake. You’ll fight through twisting caves, tall grass, and seemingly abandoned structures each providing different gameplay engagements for all types of players. Inspired by classic horror films and terrifying encounters, Fog also harbors a dark secret…

BayView – California


Set on a coastal Californian boardwalk, BayView is a small, fast-paced run-and-gun map complete with a quaint trolley bus, providing cover, transport and even a handy moving platform for cleverly placed sentry guns and other Killstreaks. And look out for deadly strikes called in from a Naval Destroyer anchored offshore.

Containment – Mexico


This smaller-sized map is set along a dry riverbed in a war-torn Mexican village. At the heart of the map is a small bridge with a truck containing leaking radioactive material. A myriad of abandoned bars, cafes, a church and pool hall provide strong close-quarters combat opportunities, while the elevated rooftop and open riverbed offer vantage points to players who prefer longer range engagements.

Ignition – Florida


Inspired by Scrapyard – the fan-favorite Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 map – Ignition drops players into an aging space launch facility. With rockets crash-landing into the area of operations, players must be ready for fast run-and-gun combat, leveraging the environment’s debris fields and exposed fuselages for cover. Players can also trigger two different rocket engine tests that send massive jets of fire to incinerate enemy players caught inside their blast radius.

You also get those two shiny new weapons

Onslaught also arms players with a deadly new addition to their arsenal with the Maverick, a dual-purpose Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle. Outfitted with a lightweight wood stock and a digital screen display, players can choose to use the Maverick as either an assault rifle or sniper rifle, depending on their tactical needs. As an Assault Rifle the weapon’s fire rate becomes full auto with relatively high damage at range, and as a Sniper Rifle the Maverick sports an advanced scope and a semi-auto rate of fire.

And now that Infinity Ward has a side game to rival Zombies we get our first ever add on for the alien survival mode,

Extinction – Nightfall


Anchoring this first content pack is Episode 1: Nightfall, the first installment in Extinction’s four-part episodic narrative. At a remote facility in the Alaskan wilderness, the shadowy Nightfall Program has been researching the origins of the “Alien” threat. When the scientists lose control, a small team of elite soldiers must retrieve the intel and exterminate hordes of savage creatures while surviving a three-story tall terror unlike anything they’ve faced before. Featuring two all-new species of aliens and an exclusive weapon. Episode 1: Nightfall is a fast & frenetic, action-packed continuation of the Extinction experience.

As you should be able to tell all the quoted descriptions are taken straight from the Call of Duty site, hopefully they are accurate but if not you know where to target your rage at. Yes that’s right, Facebook

Last Updated: January 22, 2014

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