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Collectibles Corner – Prepare for Titanfall and Batman

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You want this, don't you?

Welcome to our third new video feature! Today, I’m talking action figures. I’m talking collectables. I’m talking stuff so awesome, you’ll probably never ever own so you might as well give up and rather paint a hobo to look like a highly sought-after piece of merch instead. I’m talking Collectibles Corner, which is all about thrusting your hard-earned cash at your screen.

We’ve got two such examples of resin beauty to look at. First off, prepare for Titanfall and empty your excitement glands in anticipation of this upcoming beauty of a Titan Atlas:

Second, we’ve got a look at a familiar dark knight, only this time he happens to be shiny. PS: You’ll need a Master Card to catch him.

Expect more figures in the future. And a lot more crying as I sob into my microphone and realise that I’ll never ever own any of these magnificent collectibles. Sniff…If there are any specific figures,collectibles or cool stuff that you’d like us to examine, drop us a mail or a comment below. We love spreading the word of cool collectibles. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go put my Batman mask on, dip myself in plastic and see if I’ll still grade as a near-mint figure that isn’t carded.

Last Updated: January 6, 2017

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