Community: Come join our Planetside 2 group…or make your own

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So as you probably noticed we rolled out a brand spanking new website in the last few days and as with everything in our hobby at the moment the site isn’t quite done and we’ll be fixing bugs and glitches as we go. So thanks for beta testing this for free and just believe in the potential. *DLC possibly coming soon

Anyway tongue-in-cheek sarkiness aside,  one of the parts of the site that I’m most excited about is the new member system. We have some great plans for members from free massages by Darryn at rAge to discounts on cool merchandise and invites to exclusive events and early access to competitions.

I may have just made that all up… but it sounds good doesn’t it?

Anyway the first thing we are doing with the member section is creating some groups so that you guys can group together on your own and organise some game nights and meet ups.

With Planetside 2 now landing on the PS4 we thought it would be a good game to get things going since it is free, and while there’s no cross-platform play, it’s available on PC too.

So if you are interested in joining us for some community shooter action then just make sure you are registered as a member and then head over to our Planetside 2 group right here and join up.

But wait there’s more

For those brave souls who want to start something new themselves then you can head over to the groups page and create your own little community.

To start your own group or check out what’s been created already hit this link

Some random thoughts on what sort of groups would be useful would be things like a Destiny Raid group, a DOTA lovers n00b hating group, a fighting game lovers group, a group dedicated to trading card games and maybe a group for all the ladies out there who are desperate to get with the D.

The potential is endless and to try and stop the things being overloaded with spam we’ve installed WangGuard to protect us all.. yes you are allowed to laugh at that.

Future Plans

Please leave our future plans in the comments below and I’ll be sure to steal the best ones and make them my own. Because we are gamers and that is what this industry does.

If you have any issues or requests please leave them in the comment below or send me a private message once you are a member.. hey maybe we should create a Lazygamer feedback group?

Last Updated: June 25, 2015

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