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So we’re one day out from our second ever community play night and we’ve forgotten to choose a game. Time to panic and run around like headless chickens.

The last game we chose was Left 4 Dead 2 which was a great experience and there is now a near nightly game of Lazygamer community members playing. If you want to join in then make sure you join our Steam group.

But there were some people who were let down last time because L4D2 is only a 4 player game, or 4v4 at most so the games filled up quickly so this week we want to try something entirely different. The first game chosen by the staff here to be voted for is the entirely non violent and friendly Minecraft. The bonus about Minecraft is that we can find a server that can hold 20 or 30 of us easily so we can really get together.

But at the same time we want to see blood spilled so the second option is Team Fortress 2 which is currently free-to-play on the PC.

So let us know by voting below and yelling at us in the comments. The games start at 7pm on Friday night until we find a better time and I think next week we should give one of the consoles a go?

[dil dil=127567]

Oh and remember loving people, we do this for fun so if you are a serious contender to be world’s best Minecraft or TF2 gamer then we may possibly drive you mad while we shoot our feet out from underneath ourselves… or try mate with a creeper

Last Updated: January 23, 2014

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