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Community Talk 2016 – Part Deux

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Faithful readers and commenters of this very fine site.

I present to you, Day 2 of the Holiday / Skeleton staff comment section fun bonanza! Step right up, drop a comment, take a load off (please, don’t mix up the two!) and enjoy this day’s festivities.

As you might have heard, I was the victim of theft yesterday. Yes, sadly, this magnificent bike of mine was stolen out of my complex. Which brings us to today’s topic, more or less.

Should you lose access to your precious Steam library, or whatever the ‘other’ guys use…How would this impact you? Me? I’d be horrified, all those precious Warframes and weapons and kubrows….And do you have a backup plan for this? I’m sure if your NMS were to be pinched, most people would be ok with that, hehe.

In any case, let me know below how things would go? Or just ignore the topic, and post a bazillion cat gifs

Admiral Chief

Last Updated: December 22, 2016

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