Console E-Zine, Issue 1 available now – For Free!

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In case you haven’t heard, A new and impressive local gaming E-Magazine called Console has just been released.

Forget that fact that it’s local because the first issue is looking impressive as hell. The magazine offers something quite different from the usual as it focuses on gaming culture and is also still jam packed with reviews, tech help, game guides, reader mail, competitions and writer columns spanning over a massive 56 pages.

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As previously mentioned, the e-zine is completely free and if you subscribe, you will get the notification of the new issue sent to your e-mail so that you can go and check it out. The entire magazine runs through a nifty in-browser magazine layout that allows you to flip through the pages, click on links and even zoom in to images and articles for easy reading.

For something that’s completely free, it would be ridiculous to not subscribe.

If you want to subscribe, it’s as easy as clicking here and hitting the “Sign up” link.

Last Updated: November 17, 2008

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