Could a price cut be on the cards for GTA V?

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UPDATE: WE just got some good news about the GTA V price.

We posted a scary article about the possible incoming price of GTA V back in December 2012; basically that GTA V will be landing locally with a RRP of R799, blowing all previous prices out of the water.

And that was before our Rand tanked! There could, however,  be some good news on the horizon.

A UK retailer has just revealed that the price for their special edition version of GTA V will drop from £64.99 to £54.99. That’s a R150 saving right there and could therefore bring our price down to R650 at least for the standard edition.. if the saving happens across the board.

Unfortunately I simply cannot see this happening at all. Right now the standard edition of GTA V is being pre-ordered for £39.99 which works out in a direct conversion to R605.

That’s before we take into consideration the extra costs of selling the title here thanks to shipping costs and the smaller market base. In fact I can’t see how our game prices aren’t all going to be bumped up by at least R100, more likely R150, if our exchange rate doesn’t stabilise very soon. If you are reading this Zuma, please stop making public announcements. The markets don’t trust you.

So are you ready to pay R800 for a video game?

UPDATE: The new RRP for GTA V will be R729, although expect that price to drop when throwing pre-orders into the mix. Right now, CNA has the lowest price, at R599.

Last Updated: July 3, 2013

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