Could the next breakout video game movie be Dig Dug?

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Video games are big business these days, Bigger than movies even, which is why Hollywood is keen to get their hands on every available property. We’ve seen everything from Prince of Persia through to Silent Hill, with plenty of other game movies now in the pipeline.

But would you have ever guessed that Dig Dug would be considered for the silver screen treatment?

That’s exactly what some Hollywood producers are attempting to do, as they woo Namco to hand over the rights for such a project. Of course, to do so, they’re going to need a killer pitch, which is where Steven Davis came in.

He dropped us a mail with this fan-made trailer that he knocked up, claiming that the same producers contacted him for the job. It’s a mish-mash of content from a wide variety of films, from Geoff’s favourite movie of all time, Tremors, through to Armageddon, The Core and much, much more.

Is it legit? I don’t know. We’ll let you guys decide.

Last Updated: July 10, 2012

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