Counter Strike virtual knife sold for R250 000

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[Update] This appears to have been fake. The description in Swedish apparently refers to a different item.  Well it was fun while it lasted

Original story continues

Virtual goods being sold for real money isn’t a new thing and them being sold for ludicrous amounts of money isn’t new either. But I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that someone just paid a quarter of a million Rand ($23850) for a virtual knife in Counter Strike.


The new owner of this pretty stock-standard looking knife would prefer to stay anonymous but the image above shows the final price this knife went for. From my understanding these exceedingly rare items are unearthed in weapon crates and the StatTrak knives allow the user to track certain statistics while they are being held by the user.

There are a bunch of other StatTrak knives currently for sale in the Steam marketplace for between $150 and $300.

Now I understand the appeal of having the special items and the fact that many people spend tons of micro transactions just to have a unique piece or a slight edge over their competition. But spending more than many people earn in a year on a virtual knife for a video game just seems to be insane to me.

It’s not like this knife even gives you the ability to dominate your opposition. How much money do you have to have to be able to throw this amount away?

No idea who these guys are.. don't shoot me

One rumour doing the rounds is that the Russian Mafia use these in game trades to launder their money. This rumour I think started with World of Tanks but has since spread to Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike.

I’m actually more comfortable thinking there are evil people out there laundering ill-gotten gains through our hobby than gamers actually wasting this amount of money on digital baubles and trinkets. 

Last Updated: April 14, 2014

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