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Crackdown 2 will only Feature Male Agents

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Were you – like me – hoping to jump from rooftop to rooftop in the guise of a female super agent? I’m afraid the only orbs you’ll find in the game are the ones that level you up, as it’s been confirmed that only male agents will be available in the much anticipated open-world sandbox game.

Speaking to 1up at PAX last week, Ruffian Games creative director Billy Thompson let everyone in on the bad, and gender exclusive news.


“In Crackdown, the amount of memory that it was going to take for it to do all the actual animation, the texture sets and the models for the females – we would’ve needed to massively reduce other sections of the game,” he said.

“So rather than do two separate models, we cut it back and gave the player as much customization as we could on the male character and that allowed us to use that extra memory to do other things in the game.”

Maybe if Microsoft had included more memory in the 360, you’d have gotten tits in crackdown, As it is, you’ll have to do without.

Source : Vg247

Last Updated: April 1, 2010


  1. Bobby Kotick wants to be Wonder Woman

    April 1, 2010 at 18:35

    🙁 Aaaw that sucks dog biscuits. It’s the same excuse as Crackdown 1, and all I really want is to be A FEMALE SUPERHERO! :blush:


  2. Bobby Kotick dreams of being Wonder Woman

    April 2, 2010 at 19:29

    🙁 -10 on the sausage fest


  3. Maxiviper

    April 6, 2010 at 21:42

    This game would not be right with a female character, Because one of the leveling up powers is strength witch makes your character gain huge muscle mass, and honestly a chick with huge muscles is just WRONG! :sick:


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