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CryEngine 3 Unveiled At GDC 09

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And they said that it couldn’t be done.

We have heard about it, now we get to see it. This tech demo of the CryEngine 3 shows off Xbox 360 and PS3 footage of what the engine is capable of on consoles, meaning that the level of visuals seen in Crysis (or better) is not only possible on consoles, but is actually in it’s way.

Demo’s like this get me excited as a console gamer because this is the exact reason that I switched from PC to console a few years ago. I bought Crysis when it came out but only managed to play through the game using medium settings at best, which means that I didn’t get to experience the visual flare of the game in the way that the developers intended, as well as the great use of physics and open space.

It looks as if this engine reuses some old elements from previous titles, so I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions when you see some Crysis blokes running around in a city environment. Up till now, the 3rd Unreal Engine has been pretty much dominating, but it looks as though it may be taking a back seat in future.

Epic is apparently going to be showing off the next version of the Unreal Engine 3 as well this year, so it looks like we may have a battle of the better looking engines coming our way.

Last Updated: March 24, 2009

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