Crytek: It’s becoming hard to wow people

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Ryse on the Xbox One is one of this generation’s best looking games. Now that it’s on PC, it’s even better looking. And yet, people aren’t really sitting up and taking notice. According to Crytek, it’s because it’s harder to impress people these days.

Speaking to DSO Gaming, Crytek’s Principal Rendering Engineer Nicolas Schulz says it’s becoming increasingly difficult to wow consumers with graphics.

I think with its advances in material quality, lighting and the quality of facial animations, Ryse is extending the boundaries of realtime graphics quite a bit again.” Shulz said.

“Generally though, as opposed to the times of the original Crysis, we as an industry have reached a quality level now where it is getting increasingly more difficult to really wow people. That said, there’s still enough areas to explore and we will definitely keep pushing the boundaries as much as possible.”

Personally, I think it’s more that gamers are starting to realise that it’s not just about graphics. While Crytek’s games have always tried to push graphical envelopes, their actual games have always had a little something missing – and that something tends to the sort of things that make games fun to play, or engaging.

Crysis 3 did its best to fix that, with an actual narrative but didn’t quite overcome Crytek’s tradition of putting graphics over gameplay and narrative. When developers magically manage to tie up all three, people certainly do sit up and take notice – something Naughty Dog knows all too well.

Last Updated: October 3, 2014

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