Crytek have caused a bit of an Internet storm at the moment with the release of the character skins that the west will be using when they join the absolutely mammoth Warface that currently has over 7 million Russian players.

Now it doesn’t take much to see their points, here is the male version of the Rifleman.


Looks perfectly acceptable. He’s not overly muscular for a soldier and is wearing the appropriate headwear. Now we take a look at the female version.


Far more skin being shown, is that make up? Oh and if you look carefully you can see that her top doesn’t reach her pants. But hey it’s not that bad right?

Well here is the male sniper


Again he’s got the camouflage style and all the goodies you expect. Then you get the female one.


Thankfully they gave her a hood but they really could have given the poor lady a top that fitted at least.

So it isn’t surprising that parts of the Internet are up in arms and in response the developers had the following to say.

The skins we’re showing right now are the skins that basically came out of our Russian region. They’re not what our players at first requested in the Russian region. They tended to be considerably more extreme that what we ended up shipping with.

Apparently at first the requests were to have the ladies in high heel shoes and less clothing which they decided were totally ridiculous. However he goes on to say the Chinese skins are also different

We leaned a little Russian in these characters but we’re doing another set of characters for our Chinese market, for example, and those are leaning in a different direction. It’s interesting to see they are also somewhat unrealistic as compared to the males but differently than the Russians. […] You look at the Chinese models and they’re also disproportionate but in a way that’s more… Chinese? I don’t even know what language to use for that but they’re different.

So basically the huge player base asked for these modifications and they got stuck between pleasing their customers and keeping things on the right side of seedy. I get that, personally I think the cleavage is just too far and they really should have covered their ladies up but I get that they want to keep their business alive.

What I don’t get is the Wired journalist’s next question

Are you tempted to say, that’s not right — we’re going to do it our way and you either get on board with this or you take your misogynistic views elsewhere?

It’s not misogynistic. For all that is holy people stop using this word where it doesn’t apply. It doesn’t make you seem any more intelligent.

Misogynistic means to hate women, it’s Greek origin literally means

Greek misogynia, from misein to hate + gyn? woman

This is not hating women; this is being sexist and objectifying women, not hating women. There is a vast difference.

Is it okay to objectify women? Well yes, to the same extent that men are objectified. It’s human nature and in certain circumstances there is no problem with it. Doing it in a workplace or general public is absolutely unacceptable while ogling over a stripper is acceptable from both genders.

Is it okay to be sexist? No, judging someone on their gender, race, creed or shape is not acceptable and should be called out and stopped.

Not realisitic

Last Updated: October 11, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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