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Current gen tech is “limiting creativity”

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Though the rumours of an imminent next-generation of consoles are flying in thick and fast, we’re probably still stuck with the current gen for a while. Pity, because according to the Saber Interactive’s Matthew Karch the tech that currently powers the games we play is “limiting creativity.”

"We’re limited in what we can do right now in terms of games and that comes primarily from the power of the processors,” he said to CVG. "The best way to put it is it’s kind of like being given a Lego set with 100 block and a set with 1000 – you can do a lot more with the second set. You have more wiggle room and more blocks to make something big and great."

According to Karch, "The next-generation of consoles will do great things.”

"If you can generate real dynamic crowds doing real things, you can’t do that on the current generation of consoles. If you can have liquid simulations and better cloth simulations, and instead of rigid body animations have soft body dynamics, flexible joints… think about the type of gameplay that could be created with technology as an enabler."

He’s quite probably right – at least when it comes to Triple-A games. Current technology’s limiting factor is the reason we don’t have Beyond Good & Evil 2 yet, according to Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel, which has a scope beyond what current consoles can deliver. You can’t really blame technology for stifling creativity though – as wildly creative indie games like Minecraft and Desktop Dungeons attest. It’s also a little tough to take his comments on creativity to heart when his company’s busy working on a remake of a ten-year-old first person shooter.

Last Updated: October 13, 2011

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