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Cyberpunk 2077 has plenty of sick style and an RGB katana in its Nomad, Street Kid and Corpo life paths

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The future is here, and buddy I sure do hope that you’re dressed for it. Fashion is tricky to nail in video games, with an eye for detail needing to not only be contemporary but also grounded in enough forward-thinking so that your creations don’t look instantly dated within a year. After all, remember when Mohawk haircuts were fashionable? Look at the box art for Mercenaries 2 and try not to cringe in horror at how awful personal style was in 2008.

One game that does have its eye on some bleeding edge haute couture is Cyberpunk 2077, which will allow you to craft a protagonist who doesn’t just have a custom vagina but also some impressive threads depending on which life path you choose. You’ll have three to choose from: Nomad, Street Kid and Corpo. Pick a life path, determine how Cyberpunk 2077 begins, how the story unfolds and some neat fashion as well! CD Projekt RED recently hit Twitter to provide a look at how your character’s appearance will change according to the life path chosen. So let’s hit the future fashion runway and take a look.


Nomad is pretty much the Mad Max of fashion: Rugged leather, plenty of graffiti on their kit and vests that can barely contain the pectoral power of your edgerunner. If a cosplayer raided a goodwill shop an hour before they were meant to hit the stage and show off their Thunderdome ensemble, they’d pretty much nail the Nomad vibe.

Street Kid

On the flipside of Nomad, is Street Kid. Millenial to the max and with enough pink to be confused for the 2019 year in video games, these street-smart fashion choices emphasise personal power as you lord it over the less-enhanced citizens of Night City. Plus that RGB katana looks pretty cool.

CD Projekt Red gave us a look at V in their Street Kid form. No vests, just graphic tops, and V’s feminine look is even rocking some fly-as-hell gold pants. They also get to show off a sci-fi katana with a glowing blade. Masculine V’s pants aren’t quite as cool, and they only get a dinky little handgun, but I would wear those high-top trainers in a heartbeat.


In the life path that makes so much dang sense and the one I’ll probably choose, Corpo is all about wealth, power and making damn certain that you flaunt your white collar success. Business jackets, not a tie in sight and the only thing that can make this outfit better would be an RGB turtleneck sweater. As Glenn would say, Turtleneck squad unite!

Which path will you choose, and why isn’t it the best one, Corpo? Cyberpunk 2077 will finally be out in November, provided that it doesn’t get delayed again…again.

Last Updated: July 2, 2020

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