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Cyberpunk 2077 shows off the ruined dreams district of Pacifica in new concept art

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Night City isn’t exactly a sprawling Metropolis that you’d want to plan a vacation to. Between corporate espionage and radical trans-humanist activists hacking away at their flesh in a gruesome example of how best to remove those tattoos that you wish you’d never gotten, Cyberpunk 2077’s sandbox is rife with danger and intrigue.

There are some great locales to visit in Night City though! And by great, I mean differently awful. Pacifica is one such zone, a luxurious resort on the ocean that was designed to be a relaxing escape from Night City’s main hub of cyber-chaos and body-jacked maniacs. And then the the money ran out halfway during development, the developers pulled a dine and dash, and all that remains is a concrete jungle of half-baked dreams and bolt-holes for renegades looking to escape the reach of big business.

According to CD Projekt RED, Pacifica is currently controlled by the Voodoo Boys, nihilistic drug dealers who habitually terrorise people with senseless violence. Fans of magic and agents of chaos, the Voodoo Boys exploit the impressionable youth of Night City, regularly fleecing them of their chas and their lives as they war with other gangs.

This isn’t the only slice of Night City that has been shown off lately. CD Projekt RED has also offered a look at the lifestyles of the rich and the famous (They’re always complaining) in the Westbrook District, while Heywood exists as a neighbourhood of contrast: Parks and skyscrapers, lethal gangsters and cops who are in the pocket of the corporations.

Which zone will you choose to visit? The choice is yours, but at least you can look fashionable while getting your cyber-head cyber-kicked in by a junkie in search of a cyber-kick, while doing so.

Last Updated: July 28, 2020

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