Daigo Umehara Bests Justin Wong to Clinch Evo 2009 SFIV Title

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Daigo “The Beast” Umehara has once again lived up to his carnal moniker by beating his long-standing American nemesis, Justin Wong, in the Evo 2009 Street Fighter IV finals. Daigo and Wong – and their rivalry – are noted for their dramatic Evo 2004 Ken/Chun-Li comeback final, in which Daigo narrowly escaped death to show Wong his own backside.

History it seems really does repeat itself, as this year Daigo’s Ryu narrowly escaped death to show Wong’s surprise Balrog (Boxer) his own backside. Although a much less convincing victory than his utter destroyification of Wong’s Rufus at the Gamestop Street Fighter IV World Championships, Daigo proved that thanks to his ability to adapt he is without doubt the world’s greatest Street Fighter player.

Hit the jump for the nail-biting final game between these well-matched adversaries

You can catch the rest of Daigo and Wong’s match-ups here

Last Updated: July 20, 2009

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