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Darksiders 2 coming soon

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Darksiders was awesome on the PS3, a great game on the 360, but rather used to balance out a table when it came to the PC version. Yes we got the good with the bad on this one, but THQ was definitely onto something special when they decided to smash the blood-and-guts gameplay of God of War and the elegantly-crafted puzzles of Zelda together to form Darksiders.

So you can guess that since we… sorry since Geoff, Nick and Gavin don’t play PC games (see, I got you covered my fellow Guild Warrington brethren) we are kind of excited about the announcement that, according to lead designer Haydn Dalton, we can expect to see the sequel “very soon.” Hit the jump for more.

After a fan Tweeted if the game would be shown at E3 in Los Angeles next month, Dalton said: “I cannot confirm or deny that, but everyone will be hearing about #Darksiders2 very soon.”

The game has already been confirmed a few months back, but has yet to have its official unveiling. The word on the street is that it might come together at E3 or in a upcoming issue of Game Informer, either way, we cant wait! Stay tuned to Lazygamer over E3 as we cover the expo, including all the latest releases and behind the scenes secrets.

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Last Updated: May 30, 2011

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