Darksiders II is getting a pretty pointless remake

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Is the Darksiders II remake a waste?

I harbour a deep love for Darksiders. The first title, as repetitive as it was, featured a tale and setting that felt extremely original at the time (Ed’s note: Only because you’d not yet played a Zelda game at that point). Take the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and let players wreak havoc with the most imposing of them – War. Darksiders II, for the most part, built nicely on the existing formula, but sadly ended up being one of THQ’s very last releases. But it’s getting new life on new consoles sometime soon.

Following on from a leak on Amazon, Nordic Games has basically confirmed that a Darksiders II remake is currently in development. Speaking to Gamespot regarding the leak, a representative from the publishing house stated that “the authenticity of the listing is unquestionable”, before saying that they weren’t yet comfortable talking about the project. Amazon lists the PS4 as the sole platform at this moment, but one would probably expect the Xbox One to crop up at some point.

If you recall, Darksiders II had an attractive cel-shading art style to complement the larger, more open world that players were very to explore. Some light RPG elements were added to the mix, making the journey of brother Death a rather enjoyable, compelling one. Thing is, the game didn’t come out too long ago, and is still readily available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. So why would anyone actually need a remaster?

A lot of remasters either bundle up a series of games, or give a rather old one new life in some way. Right now, it looks like just Darksiders II is getting the facelift, leaving out the game that kicked things off in the first place. And the cel-shaded art direction? There’s not much you can do with that in terms of an update, other than an increased resolution and beefed up framerate. Just ask Gearbox – why do you think the Borderlands Collection isn’t just a single title?

It seems like a cheap cas- in from Nordic Games, who have explicitly stated their hesitance at continuing the franchise at all. There’s still hope for a Darksiders III out there, and if this remaster helps fund it I’d gladly give it the chance. But as it stands, I see no reason why it should exist.

Last Updated: February 17, 2015

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